The Canadian Scottish Athletic Federation (CSAF) is chartered to preserve the traditional athletic heritage of Scottish culture through Highland Games in Canada in the form of the Heavy Events. We seek to respect the diversity of the Games in Canada, while providing support and opportunities for national unity through dialogue, education, and championships.

CSAF will support regional Heavy Events associations, athletes and individual Games by:

  • Maintains results of games across Canada
  • Message board for Heavy Events participants in Canada
  • Recording Canadian records and past champions
  • Recognizes the contributions of athletes in a “Hall of Fame”
  • Canadian Heavy Events Championships


CSAF 2018 Women's Championship

On behalf of the CSAF Board, I would like to announce that the Fergus Scottish Festival has been awarded the 2018 CSAF Women's Championship! The event will take place August 12, 2018. Invitations will start to circulate within the next couple of weeks.

The invitation process will be as follows:

-The first three invitations will be deployed during April on a 1 (one) per region basis based on 2017 ranking to allow season planning. This assuming a minimum of two Games have been met. In the event of a withdrawal, the(se) athlete(s) would be replaced up to Games day to ensure CSAF’s regional representation.

· Three (3) subsequent invitations would be made Monday, July 9th based on 2018 rankings current to July 8th. These would be straight rankings (not by region) inviting the top three not yet invited. This would assume a minimum of two Games from July 8th 2017 to July 8th 2018.

· This will result in a total of 6 (six) athletes contending the CSAF Championship.

Any questions can be directed towards me, either in a private message on facebook or as an email to robertlionelyoung@hotmail.com

Thanks and happy training!
Robert Young
CSAF Vice President

CSAF 2018 Men's Open Championship

On behalf of the CSAF Board, I would like to announce that Antigonish has been awarded the 2018 CSAF Open Championship! The event will take place July 7th and 8th, 2018. Invitations will start to circulate within the next couple of weeks. Congratulations!

A reminder that bids can come in at any time for any of the championships. Happy training everyone!

Danny Frame

Scoring Policy Change

Please note the following policy changes to the database for the 2018 season.

Implement weights and measurements must be verified prior to competition and after any changes to the implement are complete. This includes, but is not limited to, cutting the caber, replacing hammer handles and changing links on the weights.


Caber weights must be based on actual measurements taken and represent the caber entered into the database, not field-side guesses as offered for the audience’s entertainment. This must be done with a calibrated scale and must be done at the competition site on the day of competition. Significant scrutiny will be applied to cabers thrown outside of Canada

Any questions can be forwarded to me. Thanks!

Rob Young,

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2018 CSAF Women's Championship
Fergus Scottish Festival
Sunday, Aug 12th, 2018
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